UNISON - Lobbying within the Labour Party

UNISON members have a very direct way of getting their message across to politicians - through political lobbying. When you join UNISON you are given the opportunity to opt in to what we call the UNISON Labour Link (formerly known as the Affiliated Political Fund or APF). Your contributions to this fund help to facilitate our lobbying within the Labour Party.

Meanwhile our General Political Fund supports local and national campaigns and is not affiliated to any political party.

How can I get involved?

Labour Pary

It's vital to strengthen connections between your local Labour party and your UNISON branch. UNISON Labour Link members in the branch can affiliate to the local Labour party and send representatives and motions to party meetings to win support for UNISON's aims.

They can also elect a branch UNISON Labour Link officer who can act as the key point of contact to ensure that UNISON members remain informed. UNISON branches with Labour Link members can affiliate via their region to the appropriate Constituency Labour Party or District Labour Party. See the UNISON national website for a look at the work of the Labour Link.

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